Apple products may become more expensive in the United States

Apple products may become more expensive in the United States

United States and China are in the middle of a trade war like that.

It is a tax increase there, another one here … and now Apple has been forced to speak out.

Rather, a small explanation: the US recently imposed a $ 50 billion tax on Chinese products; the US government now wants to tax an additional $ 200 billion – and is also considering taxing another $ 267 billion that analysts say will affect virtually all categories of consumer goods.

Such a move by US President Donald Trump would be to retaliate for what he calls «China’s unfair commercial practices».

Well then.

According to the Bloomberg, Apple said that this proposal to tax products imported from China will raise prices for some of its products, such as MacBook, Mac mini, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirPort, Apple Pencil, Beats products, chargers and adapters in general – not to mention some equipment and components that Apple imports to manufacture and assemble some products on American soil, such as processors and research equipment.

The Reuters reported that iPhones (actually the phone category, one of the most imported from China to the US) have so far been spared, but that if the $ 267 billion fee comes into play, they will not escape.

In a letter addressed to Office of US Trade Representative (something like the U.S.

Trade Representative’s Office), dated September 5, Apple asks the government to “reconsider these measures and work to find other, more effective solutions that make the US economy and the consumer stronger and healthier than that never».

The company also said it invested more than $ 50 billion in components from American suppliers last year and that it is the largest US corporate taxpayer.

She also reported that every Apple product «contains US parts or materials and is made with equipment from American suppliers».

If here in Brazil prices will inevitably rise due to the devaluation of the real, there in the USA the problem is different but it will also affect the pocket of those who intend to buy a new product from Apple.

It is not easy …