strikes again and reveals alleged iPhone 5 30-pin dock connector

As the year progresses, rumors about the next generation of the iPhone start to heat up because of the competition from the iPad, I was already thinking that they would completely forget about the small smartphone.

As we are starting, we better go slow, right? An image achieved by shows what appears to be an iPhone dock, only with a few differences from the current generation:

Supposed iPhone 5 dock

The number of this component would be 821-1300-02, different from the CDMA (821-1281-A) and GSM 821-1093-A) models of the iPhone 4.

The cable and connector used in it are a little more compact, which indicates it is only a slight optimization of the internal space of the future gadget.

But the most interesting thing to note is that, despite agreements with the European Union to adopt the Micro-USB standard in smartphone chargers, the 30-pin dock will remain firm and strong in the next generation of the iPhone.

Probably an adapter will be provided with devices sold in the Old World, if this image confirms the chances of having a dock and a USB port on the next iPhone are basically nil.

Oh, and do you know that front panel with a huge screen? O says fake.

(via MacRumors)