Apple prevents playback of music purchased from RealNetworks with iPod Photo update

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Music purchased through the store online from RealNetworks will no longer be compatible with some versions of Apple’s pertussis. The change affects the iPod Photo, launched in late October, an edition of the player that, in addition to storing and playing music, allows you to store digital photos and images.

Apple had already threatened that it would move against something that, from the beginning, considered «the tactics and ethics of a hacker to violate the iPod «, referring to Real’s strategy, because it has developed a technology called Harmony that allows consumers to make the download of songs that can be played on a variety of digital players, including the iPod (see Related News).

«In July, we informed Real and its customers that from time to time we would update the software of the iPod and that it would be highly likely that Harmony technology would cease to have an effect on future models, «said an Apple spokeswoman, cited by IDG News.

However, RealNetworks does not appear to have been very affected by the ad now running, claiming to remain true to the goal of giving consumers the freedom to use the music they buy through their store on any portable audio device, «both now and in the future. , including iPod Photo, «said a representative from Real.

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