Apple prepares iPhone entry in Japan

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Apple is preparing to enter the iPhone in Japan. The information is advanced by the Wall Street Journal, which cites sources close to the process to report that Steve Jobs has held talks with officials at DoCoMo and Softbank.

The operators in question rank first and third respectively in the ranking of mobile operators in that country, which is one of the most sophisticated in the world in terms of mobile communications.

The iPhone is already in the United States and Europe where the level of success has not been the same, with American consumers showing significantly higher adherence than Europeans.

In Europe, the iPhone’s weaknesses will have been more taken into account than in its original market. It is noteworthy the fact that the phone does not have 3G, which puts it at a high price level, compared to a set of other similar offers in features but more generous in terms of the bandwidth they offer.

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