Apple prepares debut of documentary “808” on Music, while confusing Hollywood executives

We know that Apple is attacking with everything it has when it comes to the battle of streaming musical.

In the case of videos, the company is starting to put its wings out.

Exclusive titles for the Apple Music, she has already announced the production of her first reality show, a series about the life of Dr.

Dre, among others.

This time, the news that debuts on December 9 is a documentary about the first drum machine invented, the Roland TR-808.

The documentary will be called just "808" and have interviews with great artists like Pharrell, Questlove, Rick Rubin, Afrika Bambaataa, David Guetta and more.

Check out the trailer:

In July, Apple bought the rights to a series based on the “Carpool Karaoke” chart, which James Corden currently presents in his Late Late Show.

Then, some rumors suggested that the company also sought out comedian Chris Rock to sign a contract; however, shortly afterwards, he signed with Netflix for $ 40 million.

Considering this case, it might be easy to think that a war between services like Netflix, Hulu and others was ready to explode.

However, just as the The Information, Apple has left Hollywood confused.

That said, Ma would have met several times with TV producers and Hollywood Studios representatives with an interest in producing exclusive content for iTunes.

What was really confusing was that the head of the service, Eddy Cue, stated that "there is no interest in creating their own series" only to offer help and suggestions to producers.

Even though there is not really an exclusive content creation for iTunes, Apple has been surrounding the producers of the documentary “TrumpLand”, to guarantee it exclusively on iTunes.

Still according to the The Information, the requirement to get the title in front of other services puts it prominently on the iTunes home page.

The deal continues with Apple Music executives: Jimmy Iovine, Larry Jackson and Robert Rondrk.

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