Apple postpones reopening its stores “until further notice”; Apple Park region starts quarantine

As you certainly already know, Apple has taken a drastic step as an initiative to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19): the company closed all of its stores around the world ? except in China, where the most serious moment of the crisis has passed and the country is restoring normal life.

Initially, the closing of stores would last until the day March, 27 th, but Apple?s decision seems to have lengthened: a notice on now reports that the company?s retail will remain closed ?Until further notice?. In other words, there is no prediction of when Apple stores will open again. Notice

Our retail stores are closed until further notice.We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. For fast, free delivery purchases, buy here at or the Apple Store app. For services and support, go to or call 800-275-2273. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The warning is not global: the pages of Apple Morumbi and Apple Village Mall, for example, still say that all company stores outside Greater China will be closed until 3/27; this is still the date reported on the frequently asked questions page on closings.

The new warning, therefore, appears to be a way of preparing consumers for the fact that stores no they will reopen all at once ? probably, the reopening will depend on the situation of each locality, and can be postponed for (much) longer according to the needs and determinations of each country or region.

Here in Brazil, for example, with the peak of COVID-19 estimated for May, we may have a good period without the two Apple stores open. It is inconvenient, of course, but the moment calls for common sense ? and anything that can be done to contain rapid contamination must be done. Even so, if you can, stay at home.

Bay Area quarantined

Speaking of staying at home, several parts of the world are already taking drastic measures in relation to the movement of people in public spaces, such as Italy and France. Now, six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area (Bay Area) in California have also announced such measures.

Apple Park view

The counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa, Avenue and Saint Clara yesterday established a lockdown three weeks; in other words, by April 7, more than 7 million people are expected to remain in their homes for all circumstances, except essential activities ? such as buying groceries and medicines or medical visits.

Meetings of people in public spaces will be banned during the period, and the population will not be able to walk, cycle, scooter, car or public transport ? except, of course, for the essential activities mentioned above.

Santa Clara County, as we know, is where the city of Cupertino and therefore the Apple Park. In addition, several other Apple offices, as well as several company stores, are spread across the cities affected by the quarantine.

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, said that ?there is no reason to panic? and that the lockdown can be adjusted (for before or after) according to the events of the coming weeks. The main objective of the decision is to protect the population within risk groups and reduce demand in the fragile health service in the United States ? in California alone, there are already 335 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a record of 6 deaths so far.

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