More information about new Apple Watch and alleged new Apple TV features

Apple plans to offer a subscription service for TV advance

The rumor of a new Apple TV being launched at WWDC was brought down shortly after information emerged about Apple's difficulty in signing deals for its new video subscription service. But, little by little, things are moving forward.

According to the New York Post, one of the main impasses for the thing to go forward would be the affiliated networks of the giants ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Instead of negotiating separately with each of them, Apple “threw the cucumber” on top of its own partners in order to that they renegotiate their agreements and allow a single Apple license to cover the entire schedule. Of course, everyone will get a slice of the pie.

In Brazil, it is not very different. Rede Globo, for example, has affiliates spread across the country: Rede Amaznica, Rede Bahia, Rede Anhanguera, Rede Matogrossense, Rede InterTV, Grupo RBS and others.

A source from the vehicle stated that "the platform is ready and very cool". Both the big channels and the affiliates / broadcasters are already recognizing the scope that the thing can take and everyone, of course, has financial interests in the agreements. Apple, as always, is eyeing its traditional 30%.

For end users, the monthly cost of the service today is estimated between $ 10 and $ 40.

[via Cult of Mac]