Apple plans to launch three new iPhones with OLED screens… in 2018!

If you are a regular reader of , you should know by heart what the likely configurations of this year's iPhones are, despite rumors coming and going. There should be three models: two with only a few changes compared to the iPhone 7, continuing with LCD screens, and another "different" model, with screen OLED and several other advances.

Thinking that the quality of LCD's superior OLED screen, if it is actually presented this year is pretty much right, since there are several sources stating this, what would be Ma's next step? Most likely she would start using the best screen on every device from now on (from the moment she launches a device with the new technology), right? Yes, we know a bit obvious, but the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asian Review made a point of publishing that all 2018 models will have OLED screens.

It is not known and we do not know if it will be revealed the real reason Apple released this year only one model as the new screen. Among the various reasons, some believe it to be so because there is not a very large number of OLED screens available, even by the scarcity of manufacturing machines.

Although Ma intends to do business with LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display, they are not expected to be fully ready to receive such a huge demand for handsets by next year. Therefore, it is expected that in 2018 as well as this year the only responsible for making the screens available is Samsung Display.

It is unclear whether Samsung Display will remain the exclusive OLED provider in 2018, although other rivals are still struggling to produce OLED screens for smartphones. Apple generally prefers (working with) more than one vendor for a single component. The two companies are also locked in fierce competition in the global smartphone market.

For screens of the models sold today, Apple relies on JDI and Sharp, which will continue to provide LCDs this year (and the devices may continue to sell well through 2019), but may have a downturn with the coming of OLED screens. A Sharp executive still contradicted this news, saying that it would be "unlikely" that Apple would opt for OLED screens on all its devices next year.

The most intriguing part of the subject is the statement that, also in 2018, we will see three models. I mean, this whole story started with arguments that there would be a third option because it would be a kind of "birthday edition" of the device, which completed ten years of release on the last day 29/6. Of course, the real reasons we don't know, but maybe we'll need to get used to three iPhones being released every year from now on.

via MacRumors