Apple plans to integrate its own 5G modem into iPhones by 2022

Apple plans to integrate its own 5G modem into iPhones by 2022

Apple is a company of extremes: if something must be done, it will be done – and the company’s business works the same way. In this sense, the Fast Company disclosed that the company has set an “aggressive deadline” for develop your own 5G modems as part of a SoC project that should be used already on iPhones and iPads from 2022.

After internal development, Apple needs to secure the necessary certifications from governments around the world – a lengthy process that calls into question the aforementioned deadline. Apple will also need to optimize its 5G modem for global use, “ensuring compliance with world standards so that future gadgets pass tests by government agencies like the FCC [a Anatel dos Estados Unidos]», according to the Fast Company.

For all these, say, “obstacles”, an anonymous source believes that 2023 may be a more accurate date for the possible launch of Apple’s 5G modem, even if the company acquired part of Intel’s smartphone modem business last June – a move that is precisely aimed at accelerating the development of the 5G chip from Apple.

Whatever the prospect for the implementation of this technology in Apple devices, the transition from iPhone to 5G is expected to occur in phases, naturally from the next devices. In this sense, the company resumed its relationship with Qualcomm, which will produce the first 5G modems for the next iPhones, in 2020. Given the six-year contract with the chip maker, Apple still has time to develop its technology and implement it «by parts».

via AppleInsider