Apple plans to improve power management for future Macs

Yesterday we commented on a job vacancy at Apple which seeks an engineer specialized in 3D technologies. Today the AppleInsider discovered another vacancy, which may also indicate future plans for the company.

Apple logo with two batteries in front

The vacancy in question is Senior DC-DC Power System Design Engineer (Senior Engineer for DC-DC Power System Design), and described as a great opportunity to work with new energy management technologies while also saying that the position involves advanced DC-DC power design (Direct-Current), which will be applied to the next generation of Macs.

Among the various areas of focus of the vacancy, some are listed on how to improve the power of optimization of metric performance, with a focus on efficiency, power density, cost, low carbon emissions and scalability. In addition, new power architectures for CPUs and graphics processors, circuit design for the chips that equip Macs and optimization of energy use with white LED backlight (related to LCD screens of iMacs and MacBooks) are listed. The professional must have eight years of experience in the market and, preferably, be a Ph.D. in electronic power.

What about, does anyone qualify?