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Apple plans to create podcasts about Apple TV + series and movies

How about using the machine of your ecosystem to further promote the Apple TV +? After showing how the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil pair was used to create posters for some series, Apple wants to expand this synergy and is in the process of creating exclusive podcasts which would address the productions of the catalog of the streaming of videos. The information is Bloomberg.

Of course, such podcasts would greatly promote Apple TV + series and movies – perhaps attracting a niche of users who until then did not know or never tried the service yet. According to the publication, since last year the company has been asking producers to come up with ideas for podcasts covering platform titles.

If the information meets reality, it would make a lot of sense for Apple. Since the Podcasts app is installed natively on iOS devices – and now on macOS – it acts as one of the most popular distribution platforms in the Apple ecosystem. Why, then, not use your own tool to your advantage?

Apple Podcasts app icon

THE Netflix already offers podcasts that inform you about the backstage of your TV shows, so this would not be very new. Apparently Apple would still be making its plans better, so it is unclear when these episodes will air.

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via MacRumors