iMacs are becoming scarce, update should be on the way

Apple plans new fix for graphics problems with 27-inch iMacs

Apple support technicians are said to be informing users that a new fix for graphical problems with the 27-inch iMacs should be released in the next three weeks, according to the AppleInsider. The list of discussions on the issue on the Apple support forums has now reached 250 pages, but she has gained a recent contribution from members of her technical support, confirming that the new update is on the way for these machines.

Interestingly, the delivery of the models in question has also been postponed in the Apple online store for a similar period, which means that the new machines planned for the coming month should already be without these defects. A software update correcting some of them related to graphics was delivered to users in the past month, but it does not appear to have worked as expected in some cases.

THE AppleInsider made contact with Apple about the new delay in the delivery of the 27-inch iMacs, but the answer given by her is that the need to cancel sending the machines to buyers was not related to defects, but to the need to meet high demand for they. Certain components necessary to produce them appear to have limited availability in the market, so that it has become necessary to stabilize users' order delivery again.