Users complain of problems getting MacBooks Pro to sleep

Apple plans improvements for switching between two GPUs on MacBooks Pro

As part of the migration to a more advanced graphics platform on MacBooks Pro, Apple would be implementing improvements in the way they switch between integrated and dedicated video cards. According to AppleInsider, there are MacBooks Pro in Ma's research centers configured to switch between the two automatically, without requiring you to change a system preference.

Currently, switching between an integrated GPU to a dedicated one (and vice versa) is done in the Energy Saver preferences panel (Energy Saver), but requires user logout for the change to take effect on the system. Ideally, following what already exists in certain Windows notebooks, this happens automatically, depending on the machine's workload, without influencing the user's work.

It is estimated that Apple will use the new Optimus technology (NVIDIA) to enable this feature in its professional notebooks, in addition to being able to implement the new processors in them quad-core. The use of the current architecture of MBPs with the latest Intel processors is not possible due to technical limitations, which are being discussed in fairness between the chip maker and NVIDIA.