Apple performs warm Black Friday in the United States; in Brazil, no sign of your “Special Shopping Day”

Many may not know / remember, but most likely it was Apple who brought the sexta-feira Negra to Brazil with what she called “Special Shopping Day” this, in 2009. But, in the same way that she brought, she also stopped participating in the event here in our country; the last time was in 2013.

In the United States, she had also taken a two-year hiatus, but in 2016 she once again participated in the sexta-feira Negra. And, this year, ditto in a very warm way, if we can call it that.

Apple Black Friday

Today, it is possible to obtain a Gift Card from at $ 150 when buying Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches in the USA. The products themselves are not discounted at Apple.

In practice as if you were getting a discount on the purchase of the product. Only, obviously, you can only use this gift card for another purchase on Apple itself. Smart, huh? 😉

Here in Brazil, no sign of the event on Ma's website.