Apple Pencil will have an accessory to facilitate recharging; iPad Pro training has started

According to sources 9to5Mac, training Apple store employees to stay on top of everything in the iPad Pro already started. The idea, according to the website, is that this training will end on November 6, indicating that the big tablet of Ma should really be launched at the beginning of the month, as we already said.

iPad Pro lying on its side with hand holding Apple Pencil

Speaking specifically of Pencil, the pen is the pencil that will be sold part, we already commented that it has a connector (male) Lightning and that, to recharge it, just stick it in the connector (female) of the iPad Pro. 9to5Mac, there is another way to recharge the stylus.

Apple Pencil accessory

As the image shows, the company plans to make an accessory available in the Apple Pencil box, which, plugged into the Lightning connector (male) of the pencil, turns it into a female. In this way, just insert a USB / Lightning cable (connected to your Mac or to the wall charger, for example) for the Apple Pencil to be recharged. Notice that there is a dot indicating the correct orientation for the accessory to work perfectly.

The Wi-Fi version of the iPad Pro was already approved by Anatel a few days ago; the approval of the Wi-Fi + Cellular version should come out soon.