Apple Pencil has a tiny price reduction in Brazil and an educational discount will also be valid here; covers get new colors

At least some of the news announced by Apple in today's keynote are arriving with immediate effect in Brazil and they have everything to do with the Apple Pencil.

Contrary to speculation, we saw no change in Ma's stylus, which remains exactly the same as always with its perfectly cylindrical body and propensity for unwanted bearings. But the first good news that Apple Pencil is a little bit (emphasis on the diminutive) cheaper in Brazil for everyone: from R $ 750, the pet now costs R $ 730. Must-see, right?

Better yet to note that the educational discount announced by Ma in the USA, Pencil will cost US $ 90 for students and teachers, which represents US $ 10 less than its regular price will also be valid here. Accessing the Apple educational store, we found that the pen can now be purchased for R $ 650 in the special offer.

It is always worth remembering that Ma's educational discounts in Brazil are available to students, parents of students, teachers and employees of elementary, high school, technical or higher schools recognized by MEC; buyers must have a document that proves their link with the digitized institution to be provided to Apple if requested.

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In a note related to iPads that, in this case, iPads Pro, Apple took the opportunity to introduce new colors for the Leather Sleeve and the Smart Cover of your 10.5-inch tablet.

The leather accessory wins the options Electric Blue (a kind of light navy blue) and Soft Pink (a light pink), now totaling eight different colors. Smart Cover can now also come out in versions Lemonade (a light yellow) and Red Raspberry (a softer red option), totaling ten colors.

For now, the new colors are only available for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and we don't know if your bigger brother will also receive the news.

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Following the same rhythm, the silicone case for iPhone X, the leather case for iPhone X and the leather case Folio for iPhone X all gained some of these new colors, too.

New colors of iPhone X cases

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Oh, and finally, a warning: the new spring collection of Apple Watch straps, which we have already dealt with here, has just been made available for sale in Ma stores in 11 countries United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.