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Apple pays $ 7,000 to couple who lost photos of their honeymoon after taking iPhone for repair

A London judge ordered Apple to pay GBP 1,200 (about R $ 7 thousand) to a couple who lost pictures of their honeymoon after taking an iPhone 5 for repair and getting it back to zero.

According to Mirror Online, Deric White and his wife were disappointed / sad after discovering that they had lost all records of an African trip, in addition to "details of contacts accumulated for more than 15 years".

The case occurred in Genius Bar from the Apple Store, Regent Street and for me curious in several aspects, starting with White not having to worry about making a backup of this data locally (iTunes) or online (iCloud), which are so important. Now, if it weren't for that, he could have broken the iPhone in some way, lost it or even had the device stolen (rare, but it happens there too). In addition, Geniuses usually warn of this possibility when they take iPhones for repair, but it is quite possible that in this case the attendant has forgotten.

All that said, even though Apple was convicted it is difficult to say how much that will satisfy the White couple who initially asked for £ 7,000 (more than R $ 41,000!) In reimbursement. Photos and personal data are priceless, after all 😕

(via Cult of Mac)