Apple Pay still faces resistance to be adopted by several retailers in the United States

Like what a Phoenix Marketing International survey pointed out in early April, the Reuters yesterday published an extensive report talking about the challenges that Apple has faced with its mobile payments system.

According to Apple, half of the country's top 100 retailers will now accept the Apple Pay this year or next year, but Reuters he states that what he saw for not quite so and that, today, the number is no more than a quarter of the total. Many remain reluctant for two reasons: 1. lack of data on customers using Apple Pay, and 2. investments needed to start accepting Apple's system.

For consumers, using Apple Pay would not be as advantageous as Ma says. One of the main reasons cited is the absence of a points / rewards program, but a recent rumor raised by indicates that this may change soon.

THE Reuters cites in its report a survey which indicates that while 15% of owners of iPhones 6 have tried Apple Pay, only 6% continue to use it actively.

[via MacRumors]