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Apple Pay is now in 20 countries and already takes 90% of contactless payments where available

The main responsible for Apple Pay in Ma, Jennifer Bailey, was one of the guests at the event Money 20/20, which happened yesterday (22/10) in Las Vegas.

On the stage, Bailey released some figures regarding Apple's payment service, as well as some information about what's to come.

Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey on Money 20/20Photo: @ himmi78

The executive started her presentation remembering that Apple Pay has already completed three years since its launch and, today, it is present in 20 countries, which represent 70% of the credit card transactions worldwide; and in these places, it takes up 90% of all mobile payments.

Until then, we only had 16 countries supporting the service, but the executive confirmed as we already know that in the coming days the countries that will also receive it will be: Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Finland and Sweden.

Other data released revealed that 4,000 issuers already work with Apple Pay and 50% of stores in the United States already accept the payment method, including 67 of the top 100 retailers. In this moment, the executive took the opportunity to announce that all Saks Fifth Avenue, Albertsons and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in the USA will soon receive support for it. By the end of this year, orders placed by McDonald’s and Chipotle apps can also be paid for with Apple Pay.

Something also quite expected Apple Pay Cash, which was announced as part of iOS 11, but has not yet been made available to users of the new system. With it, users will be able to transfer money quickly through iMessage, Siri and other channels. Among other uses, recipients can choose to spend money anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

“Apple Pay Cash allows your recipients to spend the money you send anywhere Apple Pay accepts” Jennifer Bailey, Apple Pay # Money2020

Bailey also cited that “thousands” of Ma employees are already testing the feature internally, which will be available to everyone at the end of the year.

While those who already have Apple Pay are waiting for this new feature to arrive, we here in Brazil are still waiting for the system as a whole to unfortunately land, there is not much hope that it will happen in 2017

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