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Apple Pay is now available in Iceland!

The Cupertino giant made available overnight (literally) the Apple pay at Iceland. Ma's mobile payments service is already available from two Icelandic banks, Arion and Landsbankinn.

Hello Apple Pay! Landsbankinn cardholders can now link their cards to Apple Pay, which is a simple, secure and secure payment method.

Apple Pay is coming to Iceland. It's incredibly convenient to use your phone to pay for products and services, since most of us take it with us wherever we go. It is easy to connect a card to Apple Pay and activate the service.

Since the system is still being deployed, you may need to restart iPhone to force the Wallet app to refresh and display the Apple Pay setup screens. Once set up, you can use iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac in thousands of stores that accept P2P payments, or contactless.

According to MacRumors, Valitor, an Icelandic international payments solution company, played a key role in launching the service in the country. With Iceland, Apple Pay is already available in 34 countries, including Brazil.

As for which country to stage Apple Pay's next release, the dispute is hot between the Netherlands and Portugal, where regional banks have hinted that Apple's mobile payment system will be available “soon”. We'll see.