Apple Pay is now accepted on Singapore public transport; New York will start testing soon

Apple Pay is now accepted on Singapore public transport;  New York will start testing soon

In last weekā€™s keynote, before presenting the Apple Card, Apple celebrated the fact that the Apple Pay be spreading among the payment methods accepted by payment systems public transportation around the world. Recently, another site added support for the Apple platform: Singapore.

In the Asian city-state, Apple Pay is accepted on all modes of public transport, including trains and buses that accept Mastercard as a form of payment. In the second semester, terminals that support Visa cards only will also receive adaptations to work with the Apple payment platform.

The news doesnā€™t stop there: soon, none other than New York will start testing Apple Pay on some of its public transport lines. Initially, support for the Apple service will be tested on selected subway lines, whose turnstiles are already being equipped with NFC reading terminals; over time, the idea is to add support to Apple Pay on all lines of subways, trains, buses and boats in the city.

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Finally, we have news in Chicago and Portland. Both cities already have public transport systems that accept Apple Pay, but their citizens will soon have one more option: it will be possible to add their Ventra and Hop cards, used for payment in transport modes, directly in the iPhones Wallet app, integrating the smartphone to your chosen payment service.

According to the blog Ata Distanceincluding cities will add support for Express Transit technology, which will not require user authentication via Face / Touch ID or even require the person to activate their smartphone ā€“ just touch it to the terminal, even when locked, and the card in the Wallet app will be activated automatically.

Will we ever see something like this coming here?

via MacRumors