Apple Pay is already used on 383 million iPhones

Apple Pay will arrive in Portugal and more countries in Europe soon

With more than 900 million active iPhones around the world and the continued expansion of the Apple Pay for several regions and countries, it is not difficult to imagine that the Apple mobile payment service is adopted by a significant portion of users. More precisely, this feature is already used in more than 383 million iPhones worldwide, according to data from Loup Ventures.

Based on information regarding the increase in transactions made with Apple Pay and countries that already have the feature, Loup Ventures estimated that 43% of iPhone owners enabled the service until last December – a jump from the 36% of users who activated until September of the same year and more than doubled compared to December 2017, when only 20% of users used the function.

Also according to the firm, Apple has seen adoption by the service grow 21% quarterly and 123% per year (!) Since it was launched in September 2014. For analysts, this growth was driven by the peak of P2P payments (peer-to-peer, or point-to-point) starting in January 2018.

As for the distribution of Apple Pay in the countries that support the service, the firm pointed out that only 12% of the total users reside in the United States (the remaining 88% are customers from other countries); on the other hand, about 21% of the more than 900 million iPhones are in the USA.

While we believe that just under half of iPhone owners use Apple Pay, that number will continue to grow as more retailers, universities, municipalities and public transportation systems allow for point-to-point payments and people start to think of their smartphone as one wallet.

The firm also suggested that while Apple Pay does not have a significant impact on revenue growth in the Apple Services category, the model and the way the company treats user privacy “lays the groundwork for handling other confidential data and ease of use in several areas ”, citing the inclusion of veterans health data on the iPhone.

Apple paid more than $ 25 billion to European developers

Still talking about services that keep growing, there it is, at the top: the App Store. The Apple app store has also grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, filling not only the pockets of the Cupertino giant, but also the developers.

In an interview for the German website Macerkopf [Google Tradutor], Apple Music Vice President Oliver Schusser said Apple has paid more than $ 25 billion European developers, while the total value of the paycheck for all developers has reached the mark of $ 120 billion since the opening of the App Store in 2008. ?

Schusser also pointed out that Apple customers have downloaded and broadcast more than 50 billion episodes on Apple Podcasts, which currently has more than 650,000 active programs. Impressive numbers, isn’t it?

via AppleInsider, 9to5Mac