Apple Pay has finally arrived in Brazil … but where will it be accepted?

O Apple Pay arrived, my friends! But, after that moment of euphoria, do you now want to know where to be able to use your blessed phone (with your Ita credit card registered, obviously) to make a payment, anyway?

For we have the answer! 😊

Physical stores

Among the first physical partners of Apple here in Brazil, are the establishments: Al Beb, O Boticrio, C&C, Cobasi, Drugstore Iguatemi, Fast Shop, Fnac, Grand Cru, iPlace, Kinoplex, Livraria Cultura, Magazine Luiza, Nike, Netpark, Polishop, Petz, Saraiva, Sephora, Track & Field and Via Varejo.

In the food sector, we have Applebee’s, Bullguer, Grupo Ageu (General Prime Burger, Ka, Italy), The Fifties, Habib’s, Mundo Verde, Nespresso, Starbucks and Taco Bell.

Finally, operators Claro, TIM and Vivo are also inside.


The list above takes into account Ma's partners in launching Apple Pay here in Brazil.

That is, when entering a Starbucks, for example, you see stickers, disclosures and everything else from Apple's payment service.

This does not mean that you will not be able to use your phone or watch to make payments, for example, at your street market.

If the store's terminal is from Rede, Cielo or Getnet, supports NFC and is properly updated, you can pay without any problem.

I mean, the clerk or cashier may not be aware of this payment option (especially at this time of launch), but it is possible,.


Among the first apps to support Apple Pay, starting today, we have:


IFood app icon - Order food and market

Dafiti - Clothes and Shoes app icon

Mobly app icon - Black Friday from Móveis

Evino app icon: Buy Wine Online

Hurb app icon - Packages and Hotels

Petlove app icon - Largest Petshop Online

Magazine Luiza app icon: online shopping

Peixe Urbano Shopping & Coupons app icon

RecargaPay app icon - Paying Bills

My Nextel app icon


Sympla app icon: Shows, Parties and Courses

Quick Ticket app icon

App icon Ingresso + Filmes + Cinemas


Sorry, app not found.

MoObie - Car rental app icon

App icon Zul + Zona Azul São Paulo SP

· • ·

The list, of course, has everything to grow each day so we hope.

But at least now you know where to test mobile payment with your iPhone or Apple Watch first.

Good shopping! 😉

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