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Apple Pay Earns NFC Tag Support for Instant Purchases

It's been exactly three weeks from WWDC19, but Apple is already getting ahead of some news. The company's vice president responsible for Apple pay, Jennifer Bailey, today took the stage of the conference TRANSACT (in Las Vegas) to announce a new payment system-related innovation from Ma: support for tags NFC for instant purchases.

What does this mean in practice? Today, to use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you need a “full” payment terminal that activates the service and makes the necessary communications for the transaction. With the news, this obligation is in the past. The user can simply touch the smartphone or watch to a tag NFC and Apple Pay will be enabled, making payment the same way there is no need to download an app or anything like that.

The feature greatly benefits automated service providers, for example. With the novelty, users will be able to use micromobility devices (such as the scooters and electric bicycles that are proliferating in Brazil), parking parameters and terminals. self checkout much easier just to touch the iPhone or Apple Watch on tag NFC, authenticate your identity with Face / Touch ID and you're done.

Apple has announced three partners that will embrace the new feature at its debut, all in the United States: the electric scooter platform. Bird, the clothing store Bonobo and the parameter network PayByPhone. According to Ma, the news will be available by the end of the year by then, other companies should express interest in functionality and join the three mentioned above.

In addition to the good news, Ma has also announced an upcoming feature that is coming soon: the ability for the user to automatically subscribe or subscribe to a service through the Wallet app. With this, in addition to paying quickly for the service of an electric scooter, for example, it would be possible to register on the platform in question with just one touch to enjoy the company's benefits and discounts. Apple did not give more details about when this tool arrives, however.

We also do not know yet whether the resource was initially exclusive to the US or whether its operation would be global right away. To do this, we will have to wait for more information that, quite possibly, will be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

via 9to5Mac