Apple Pay could reach 16 new countries, including Portugal

The expansion of Apple pay Promise. Currently present in 38 regions, Iceland was the last country to enter the dance, expecting another 16 (!) Countries to receive Ma payment service in the coming months.

We recently commented that Austria, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal would be awarded Apple Pay after a tweet from the digital bank N26 (based in Germany). Now it was the turn of the Monese (another digital bank with a strong presence in Europe) to do the same:

Soon, we'll take #ApplePay as an easy, secure and private way to pay customers at:

🇧🇬 Bulgaria🇭🇷 Croatia🇨🇾 Cyprus🇪🇪 Estonia🇬🇷 Greece🇱🇹 Litunia🇱🇮 Liechtenstein🇱🇻 Latvia🇲🇹 Malta🇵🇹 Portugal🇷🇴 Romania🇸🇰 Slovakia🇸🇮 Slovenia

That is, we have as a novelty in this new list eight countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Malta and Romania.

Apart from them, it seems that Apple Pay will also soon reach three other countries: the Netherlands, Hungary and Luxembourg. If the service were actually launched in all of these locations, the total number of regions supporting Apple Pay would be 54, far exceeding the promise of Tim Cook (the CEO had promised that by the end of 2019 the service would be available in more from 40 regions).

It is worth noting that in Latin America, Brazil is still the only country where Apple Pay is available.

via MacRumors