Apple Pay arrives in Hungary and Luxembourg

Apple Pay arrives in Hungary and Luxembourg

At the beginning of this month, we inform you that Apple pay had been released in Iceland; Now, Ma's mobile payments platform has made not one but two new expansions in Europe.

Starting today, the service is also available to users of Hungary it's from Luxembourg, from OTP Bank and BGL BNP Paribas, respectively. Both Apple's website in Hungary and Luxembourg already feature 12 major retail chains that support the mobile payment system, including Apple retailers in both countries.

As the service is still being implemented at these locations, it is likely that users will encounter some initial set up problems with their respective credit / debit cards. Still, if you have a compatible card, you can include it in the iPhone Wallet app to start enjoying the features of Apple Pay.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had promised that by the end of 2019 the service would be available in 40 regions by the end of this hit, and we are still in May!

Last week, we commented on Monese's online banking forecast of Apple Pay launching in several European countries, including Portugal. Since then, the Ma service was expected to be launched in Hungary and Luxembourg as well as in the Netherlands, which could receive the news at any time.

via 9to5Mac