Apple Pay arrives in Belarus; Express public transport mode begins to be accepted in London

Apple Pay arrives in Belarus; Express public transport mode begins to be accepted in London

It's the Apple pay keeps expanding! Recently, Ma's payment system has reached more territory and has gained support in one of the largest public transportation systems in the world. Let's take a look?


Ma's platform has reached yet another eastern European country, the Belarus 58 service territory. Finally, Apple's payment system works with the bank. BPS-Sberbank that the Belarusian branch of the Russian state bank PJSC Sberbank, one of the largest in Europe.

There is still no information about the expansion of Apple Pay to other banks in the country, but considering the operation of the thing in other countries, such as Brazil this should not take long.


The second recent news related to Apple Pay was the arrival of the express public transport mode (Express transit) to the public transport from london, one of the largest and most complex in the world. This support had already been announced a few months ago, but is only now starting to actually appear.

It is worth noting that all public transport modes in London already accept the "common" Apple Pay. Express public transport mode is a special service option which does not require opening the Wallet app or even unlocking your iPhone / Apple Watch to function; Just touch the device to the turnstile and your ticket will be charged to your account immediately, freeing the entry. So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro already support Apple Pay on some public transport modes, but not on this mode.

The support, so far, has no official announcement by the City of London or Transport for London (agency responsible for the system). It's also a partial inclusion: only a few buses and subway stations are accepting Apple Pay in express mode as a payment method, so the whole thing is still in the testing phase.

via MacRumors, Redmond Pie