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Apple patents virtual speakers that simulate sounds from anywhere in the room

THE Apple has granted the application for a new patent that describes virtual speakers capable of simulating sounds from anywhere in an environment. This technology can be implemented on both company headsets and speakers. Macbook.


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According to the website The vergeSuch technology may eventually serve as the basis for creating more immersive audio applications. It is the sequel to the work the company has done with an earlier patent that allowed users to hear where people are located in a room or a bedroom. For this, it was necessary to use specific headphones.

Apple's new patent technology comes in the form of an acoustic virtual system that works through crosstalk cancellation. This makes users feel that the sound comes from a different place than the speakers. The crosstalk, in this case, is the sound waves that overlap before the user's ears receive the contents of the left and right channels of the speaker.

The effect desired by company engineers will allow audio signals to contain "space signals" that allow sounds to be positioned virtually in a specific location in the environment. The patent was originally registered by Apple in 2018.

The system described in the patent can be used to increase the sense that one is at the site of the content being watched. This can be especially useful in sports broadcasts, for example.

Via: The Verge. [TagsToTranslate] apple