Apple Patents: mysterious dock, Dashboard, laminated materials and more

Apple Patents: mysterious dock, Dashboard, laminated materials and more

In a design patent recently applied to Apple, the design of a mysterious function dock came to the surface: quite large and with atypical lines in relation to the works of Jony Ive, the accessory is a real unknown. The only clues are the patent name, “Multi-Battery Charger”, and the brief description that says “dock to test portable electronic devices”.

Mysterious dock patent

I can only imagine that this apparatus is some kind of internal Apple tool. In the same document was registered the design of the cubic USB charger that accompanies iPhones in the United States here, because of our standard of outlets, the accessory is completely different.

Other patents describe a method of displaying video in full screen with just one click on QuickTime, as well as an information entry system using a Click Wheel and text prediction (probably for some iPhone draft or to outwit competitors). The Dashboard gained yet another record, being referred to as “unified interest layer”, and another document dealt with iOS interface elements, specifically a form of smooth transition between one screen and another based on the user's gestures. Finally, a system for building gadgets using several layers of pre-impregnated materials on a kind of canvas made with carbon fiber or glass was also registered.

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