Apple patent shows how we could edit messages in iMessage


The idea of edit messages after sending them, in instant messengers, it is divisive: some services (like the Telegram) have long embraced the resource, while others (such as Whatsapp) stampede against the addition – either due to lack of interest from developers or to avoid misunderstandings among users.

THE iMessage, so far, is in the second group: there is no feature in the messenger to edit a message after it has been sent. According to a patent recently filed by Apple, however, that could change at some point in the future.

The patent, registered by Apple last December and published this week by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), exemplifies how the feature works: when sending a message with a typo, for example, the user could simply use The Haptic Touch (or, in good Portuguese, touch it and hold it) to recall the contextual menu and select the “Edit” option – more or less how Telegram works today.

Patent editing messages in iMessage

Once the action was taken, the message would have an indication (for all participants in the conversation) that it was edited. The difference between iMessage and other messengers would be a history of edits: the recipient – or recipients, in the case of a group – could touch and hold the message and select the option «View history» to check all previous versions of the text.

In addition to the edition, the patent also mentions resources for private messages and message translation – without detailing how these tools work, however.

Obviously, because we are talking about a patent, there is no guarantee that such features will arrive at iMessage in the near future; since these are relatively “common” elements, however, at least we already know that Apple is considering something like that for its messenger. It would be a good one, wouldn’t it?

via iPhone Hacks