Apple Partners with US University to Encourage Diversity in Code Teaching

Apple Partners with US University to Encourage Diversity in Code Teaching

Apple's commitment to bringing programming language teaching to everyone and making the developer world more diverse continues. This time, Ma entered into a partnership with Tennessee State Universityis one of the Historically Black Universities of the United States (HBCU) higher education institutions founded before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for African American communities (and which, to this day, still have a large black majority in their student body).

Last week, the university launched a new initiative, called HBCU C2 Presidential Academy, which aims to bring programming language teaching to black or minority students. Through the program, students from 14 Historically Black Universities were invited to learn code concepts and practices from Apple professionals.

Ma, in addition to offering the expertise of its professionals, also contribute equipment and financial support for the initiative. Students, for their part, are encouraged to think of applications and solutions that are beneficial to their communities and to the institution itself, for example, they are developing an app that helps university students find parking spaces in parking lots. of campuses.

Tim cook celebrated the news on Twitter:

All possible when people come together with a shared vision. Thank you Tennessee State University for your leadership and enthusiasm in bringing programming language teaching to your community and other HBCUs around the country!

Apple's vice president of social, political and environmental initiatives, Lisa Jacksonalso commented on the good news, stating that “students from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to learn programming language” and that the company is “proud to be part of a sustainable community network that is expanding access to teaching and learning opportunities "

Very well then.

via MacRumors