Apple partners with Samsung, eBay and Sprint for new wind farm in Texas

Apple partners with Samsung, eBay and Sprint for new wind farm in Texas

Apple is one of the companies most committed to using renewable energy, so much so that it achieved the milestone of having 100% of its operations running on sources of this type in April last year. But with the growth of the company, of course, these sources have to be expanded – and that is the reason for today’s announcement.

THE Apex Clean Energy, a renewable energy facilities company, announced that Apple will be the main investor in the purchase of 75 megawatts of wind power on a new wind farm that is being installed in the state of Texas (USA). The other companies involved in the partnership are Samsung, The eBay and the operator Sprint.

The project, dubbed White Mesa Wind, is expected to be fully operational by the beginning of 2021, and will generate a total of 500 megawatts of energy for businesses and consumers in various parts of Texas and the United States. According to Apex, Apple was responsible for inviting other companies to the partnership, becoming a kind of «leader» of the initiative.

Apple’s vice president of political, social and environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, shared a few words about the news:

We are very proud to run all Apple operations around the world with 100% clean energy, and to guide the private sector in supporting the transition to renewable energies. Companies of all sizes and with all types of energy needs can help put new clean energy initiatives on the map. This collaborative agreement in Texas is a model that we hope others can replicate.

It is worth noting that this is not the only clean energy initiative currently underway at Apple. The company currently maintains an incentive plan for suppliers and partners to also make the transition to operations maintained with renewable energy, and has recently invested – with ten suppliers – in three wind farms in China.

Good news, isn’t it?

via MacRumors