Imagination Technologies announces its next generation of POWERVR Series6 “Rogue” graphics

Apple partner to start new plan to step up competition with ARM

Responsible for producing the graphic hardware used in iPhones, iPod touch and iPads, Imagination Technologies is due to announce this week a partnership with IMPS Technologies, a company specialized in the production of processors for set-top boxes but who is interested in competing against ARM in the handset market. The agreement greatly favors those who use solutions system-on-a-chip produced with Imagination graphic technology and MIPS CPUs, in terms of technical support and individual product creation.

Imagination Technologies

Although this partnership is not aimed at sharing technologies between the two companies, their respective executives have not ruled out this possibility and should make a few more comments on the topic during the Embedded Systems Conference, to be held this week in Silicon Valley (United States). This emergence of companies like Imagination and MIPS in the world semiconductor market will be very promising, especially with partnerships similar to this one, which may represent a potential price reduction in components for gadgets.

Currently, Apple only uses Imagination Technologies for the use of graphics hardware, so her partnership with MIPS is unlikely to attract attention on any iPhone or iPod touch in the near future. However, it is worth remembering that Apple holds almost 10% of this company in shares, suggesting that its growth will be quite positive for your side anyway.

(via AppleInsider)