Apple participates in educational initiative to teach U.S. civil rights history via AR

Tim Cook com estudantes do Alabama

As we talked about yesterday, Tim Cook is in his home state of Alabama, where he already gave an interview to a local journalist talking about the Coronavirus. The main reason for the trip, however, was another: the Apple CEO took the stage of the company’s keynote presentation. Ed Farm, a new educational initiative for the state school network (public and private).

Ed Farm (short for Education Farm) lists Apple as its “key partner”, and aims to provide tools and strategies to schools and communities around Alabama, enhancing educational curricula and allowing students to learn in a more intuitive and modern way.

For Apple has a great responsibility in this: as announced by Cook in the presentation, Apple will create a program based on augmented reality (augmented reality, or AR) to teach the history of civil rights in the United States to students. This, it is worth remembering, is especially important in a state like Alabama – one of the most affected by the horrors of slavery and with a large black presence in its population.

In addition, Apple will collaborate with Ed Farm to implement the curricula Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create, designed to introduce the teaching of programming languages ​​- especially Swift, from Apple itself – and stimulate creative thinking in students. The Cupertino giant, in addition to collaborating in the creation and implementation of the programs, will also donate equipment, money and support for teacher training.

Learning programming allows students of all ages to inject life into new ideas, solve problems and prepare for the jobs of the future. I am honored to join Birmingham students, teachers and visionary leaders at the opening of Ed Farm – a new hub of education where students can connect, learn and create!

The fruits of Ed Farm’s work will begin to be seen in Alabama’s next school year, starting in September. Great, isn’t it?

via Cult of Mac

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