Apple Park Visitor Center will finally open later this year and experience augmented reality

Apple Park Visitor Center will finally open later this year and experience augmented reality

O Apple Park it is slowly starting its operations, as we well know, even the last Apple event was held at the Steve Jobs Theater, inside the complex. A long-awaited part of the public, however, is still waiting for its moment to shine; I mean, obviously, the Visitor Center (Visitor Center) of the campus, which will be the only part of it open to the public.

In June, we said here that Apple was opening vacancies for the coffee that is located in the space, which would be an indication that the Center would be opened soon. Afterwards, his store was opened for the visit of journalists / guests who attended Apple's last special event, but after that he closed again.

The MM Tour VI staff went there, of course, and checked that the entire structure was still surrounded by sidings, probably due to the fact that its own surroundings are still in final construction.

Today, the magazine Byways published a report detailing some still unknown parts of the Visitors Center and released the information that we all want: yes, the space will open in 2017 "at the end of the year", according to the publication, but without specifying a date.

According to the report, the Center will be divided into three parts: a café, an official Apple store (which, as in Infinite Loop, sell Ma souvenirs along with the company's “regular” products) and a space dedicated to an experience in virtual reality. The latter seems to be very interesting: it is a topographic model of the land where the Apple Park is located, where visitors, with iPads equipped with a special app, will be able to view a digital version of the complex with all kinds of information about their build. It looks incredible, doesn't it?

In addition, as was already known, the building will have, on its roof, a terrace open to visitors, offering a privileged view of Ma's “spaceship” and its surroundings. Meanwhile, in the underground part, a parking lot will have a capacity for almost 700 (!) Cars. The center, which cost approximately $ 108 million to build, will have free admission to the public.

Something tells me that the next MM Tour is going to rock even more, huh? 😉

via AppleInsider