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Apple Park stage is for event in honor of Steve Jobs

This week we release a video which flies over Apple park. And to the surprise of many, in the middle of campus was a large colorful stage set for some event. In the comments of our article, some readers speculated that it was probably assembled and was being dismantled due to some past event, as the worn grass could be an indication that a good many people passed by.

Apple Stage Mounted in the Middle of Apple Park

Well, to the satisfaction of many, the stage in the middle of Apple Park (which has the colors of the original Apple logo, by the way) was set for an event that happens on the day. may 17in order to celebrate the formal opening of Apple Park and also as a tribute to Steve Jobs, creator of the "spaceship".

The information was shared by Cult of Mac, who was able to obtain a document with the project information. And it wasn't any project, no: Apple's design team, led by Jony Ive, took months to create the bow (with the help of a partner company). It uses more than 30 unique components that make it easy to build and remove special events like this one, but in all there are 25,000 pieces, including the structure itself and the metal skeleton underneath.

According to Ive, the idea was to β€œcreate a stage that would immediately become recognizable as the 'Apple Stage' (Apple Stage). "

There is the resonance with the rainbow logo that has been part of our identity for many years. The rainbow is also a positive and cheerful expression of some of our inclusion values, and I think one of the main reasons why the idea resonated so immediately and deeply with us was the connection form from the aesthetic design point of view. A semicircle is so beautifully and naturally related to the shape of the ring.

It is unlikely that this structure will ever be assembled well capable of being disassembled and used again on other special occasions such as this.

Speaking of the event itself, it is unknown what exactly happens, but the MacRumors It was reported that there will be a great performance by some artist / band and that the Apple Park Visitor Center will not operate on the 17th because of the event.