Apple Park is already properly registered on the company's Maps, with Flyover and everything

Cupertino, the time is coming: next month, the glorious new Apple campus, recently named Apple Parkfinally open its doors for the company's employees to begin the change.

The latest videos from drones show that the work, although already in its final stages, still has many aspects to be completed, such as landscaping, which leads us to believe that people and machines will still continue to work on the land for a while even after the opening of the space.

With the imminence of the opening of the campus, today Apple updated its maps including a very detailed record about Apple Park.

Searching the complex, it is possible to see information taken from its Wikipedia page, photos and address with the possibility of getting directions to the place although I have tried to plot a route from Salvador without success.


Steve Jobs Theater on Apple Maps

The coolest part, however, is up to the Flyover.

Ma has already included in its map service a 3D representation of its new campus and, in this way, we can “travel” through the different spaces of the Faranic work, observe details such as the coverage of the Steve Jobs Theater where most of Apple's events will take place.

going forward or simply admiring more closely the beautiful architecture of the main building, the glorious “spaceship”.

Closer than that, only on MM Tour VI. 😀

(via AppleInsider)