Apple overtakes Google but loses Amazon's most valuable brand title

If in 2018 one of the objectives of the Apple was to exceed (again) the Google as the most valuable brand in the ranking “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2019”she managed, but that doesn't mean that the Cupertino giant has taken the top of this rating, released annually by the WPP Group's Kantar analysis firm.

In a big change from last year's report, the Amazon saw its brand value rise to $ 315.5 billion, jumping from third place in 2018 to first now. So it is no exaggeration to say that the ecommerce giant has run over Apple and Google, whose brands are valued at $ 309.5 and $ 309 billion, respectively, in the latest rating.

More precisely, Ma recorded a 3% increase in its brand value from last year's valuation, while Google rose 2%; None of this, however, is priced at the 52% (!) growth of the Amazon brand.

It's worth noting that Amazon's rise ends a Google duo with Apple that began in 2007, when Mountain View giant and Ma overtook Microsoft to top Kantar among themselves.

BrandZ Global Head Doreen Wang explained that Amazon's leap from the previous assessment is due to the sale of a variety of services:

Amazon's phenomenal brand value growth of nearly $ 108 billion last year demonstrates how brands are less anchored in individual categories and regions. The boundaries are fading as technology's flux allows brands like Amazon, Google and Alibaba to offer a range of services from multiple consumer touch points.

Overall, the report's ten most valuable brands are composed almost entirely of technology companies. The video above shows the full rating, with the Top 10 this way:

  1. Amazon: $ 315.5 billion;
  2. Apple: $ 309.5 Billion;
  3. Google: $ 309 billion;
  4. Microsoft: $ 251.2 billion;
  5. Visa: $ 177.9 billion;
  6. Facebook: $ 158.9 billion;
  7. Alibaba: $ 131.2 billion;
  8. Tencent: $ 130.8 billion;
  9. McDonald's: $ 130.3 billion;
  10. AT&T: $ 108.3 billion.

To qualify for ranking, brands must be publicly traded or publish their financial results. The BrandZ list uses measurements of brand equity based on responses from more than 3 million consumers across thousands of brands, as well as analyzing each company's financial performance.

Note that this ranking deals with the estimated value of the brands themselves, and the market value (market cap) of companies on the stock exchange.

via CNBC