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Apple outperforms Microsoft is once again the most valuable company in the world

At the end of last week, the actions of Apple ($ AAPL) broke a new record during NASDAQ's nail and closed the day at a value that made the company tie with Microsoft ($ MSFT) at market value.

The two have continued to fight here and there for the past few days, but it was only yesterday (18/10) that Apple, after many months, actually outperformed Microsoft and regained the world's most valuable publicly traded post.

$ AAPL closed the week at $ 236.41, up 0.48% from Thursday's close; meanwhile, the $ MSFT fell 1.63% and closed the day at $ 137.41. With that, the market caps both were respectively the $ 1,068 rail and $ 1,049 rail. The difference is not big, but the symbolism is worth here.

Meanwhile, Amazon ($ AMZN), which once held the crown for a while, is now worth $ 869.4 billion and may soon be overtaken by Google owner Alphabet ($ GOOG), which has a market value of $ 864 billion.

Apparently, better-than-expected market reception from the new iPhones cheered Wall Street analysts / investors. But Microsoft is also at an excellent stage, so the fight between them for this post will surely last.