Apple orders drama series from director of “Hunger Games”, while fighting with HBO for one by J.J. Abrams


We are hearing so many rumors of original video content coming to Apple Music that, apparently, if (or when) the company releases something like a new video service, it will already have a very robust catalog to offer.

And to contribute to this, the deadline He said that Ma won, in a battle, another series to join the other four that she already has (that is, according to rumors).

Steven Knight and Francis LawrenceSteven Knight and Francis Lawrence

The publication stated that the name of the production would be «See», and would fit into a past drama in the future. It would be written by Steven Knight (creator of the British series «Peaky Blinders») and directed by Francis Lawrence, whose extensive curriculum includes the films ?Hunger Games: On Fire? and the two parts of ?Hunger Games: A Esperana?.

For now there is no more information about the series, but it comes from Chernin Entertainment and Endeavor Content, from Peter Chernin, both responsible for another possible Apple production, entitled «Are You Sleeping».

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But do not think that you put: Variety reported that Ma was involved in more competition for a series. The battle would be against HBO for a production written by J.J.Abrams, who directed / co-wrote ?Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force? and co-created the series «Felicity», «Lost», among so many others.


The series is a new science fiction drama, in which Abrams would serve as executive producer with Ben Stephenson. It would be produced by Warner Bros. Television.

Apart from these details, little was disclosed. But even with HBO and Apple fighting for it, the studio seems open to other proposals.

Even knowing that, so far, everything is in the field of rumors, looking at the productions we can see that Ma is playing hard, bringing to her side a lot of good people and with a good resume.

Alis, like Dave Mark from The Loop well put, Netflix already got 20 Golden Globe nominations, while Amazon and Hulu got 3. Knowing this and in view of the rumored productions, how long will Apple be able to be nominated for awards like Emmy and Globo of gold? ?

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