Apple Tablet may use PA Semi's own processors with power similar to netbooks

Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens for the third quarter of this year

Incredible: this is the third day followed by rumors related to an alleged Apple netbook. First, we discovered that the computer's touch panels will be supplied by Wintek. Then, Dow Jones corroborated the information and stated that the launch of a Ma netbook with imminent touchscreen.

MacBook Touch mockupMacBook Touch mockup

Today the Reuters released a note stating that Apple has already ordered 10-inch touch screens for the third quarter of this year, once again citing Wintek as a supplier. For those who don't know, she is a Taiwanese firm specializing in small touchscreens and already manufactures the screens of the iPhone itself.

James Chen, a spokesman for Wintek, did not comment on the development of future products, but confirmed that Apple was, in fact, one of its major customers. The sources of the matter also did not say with certainty whether the request really came from Cupertino, but everything indicates that it did.

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