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Apple opens three new wind farms in China

Last year we reported that Apple had announced a new investment fund in clean energy in Chinawhich would also bring together ten suppliers of the Cupertino giant to inject $ 330 million by 2022 in the country A little over a year later, the first fruits of the venture began to be reaped with the inauguration of three new wind farms in the Chinese territory.

Of the three new parks, two of them were built by the Concord New Energy Group in Hunan Province, and each generates about 48 megawatts of clean energy. Meanwhile, the third unit was developed by Fenghua Energy Investment in Hubei and is responsible for generating 38MW of power.

Wind park pinwheel

To Apple's vice president of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, seeing the results of the project with the company's suppliers is not only important for Ma, but for the Chinese industry itself:

Seeing these projects completed and already providing clean energy really exciting network. We are proud that participating fund suppliers share our commitment to supporting innovative energy solutions, reducing pollutant emissions and combating climate change.

More than generating clean energy, Hunan and Hubei wind farms also affect local economies and governments, helping them achieve their sustainability goals. In Dao County (Hunan), revenues from the construction and management of wind farms are also responsible for generating a source of income for local families.

Wind park employee in China

The president of Sunway Communication, one of Apple's suppliers investing in the fund, also celebrated the opening of new wind farms in China:

The Clean Energy Fund has allowed us to invest in many renewable projects with a much larger capacity. That would simply not be possible on its own. We appreciate Apple's efforts and look forward to investing even more in clean energy across China.

Ma also reiterated that 44 of its suppliers in 16 countries have committed to using 10% of clean energy to boost their production in partnership with the company. By next year, the expectation that these factories will be able to generate more than 4 gigawatts of clean energy worldwide!