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Apple opens the week high on the stock market and reaches $ 1.3 trillion in market cap [atualizado]

And the positive pace of Apple on NASDAQ continues: $ AAPL opened the week up 1.71%, now quoted at $ 279.86.

The value is obviously a new historical record for the company, as is the peak reached during today's trading of $ 280.79.

Today's bullish led the market cap from Apple to $ 1.3 rail (more precisely, $ 1,265 rail), and it continues to be followed by Microsoft ($ 1,187 rail), Alphabet / Google ($ 938.4 billion) and Amazon ($ 877.2 billion), as well as Alibaba. Group ($ 563.6 billion).

Ma really has everything to close 2019 with a golden key.

Update by Eduardo Marques 12/17/2019 7:13 PM

Apple shares are up again today (0.20%), setting a record name ($ 280.41); During the negotiations, the roles reached the level of $ 281.77.