Apple opens Mac OS X to the Windows world

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(Updated) Apple released a trial program software which allows Mac OS X 10.5 users to install Windows XP on Mac computers to boot this system in native mode, running Windows applications. Boot Camp, the name of the program now available, had already been announced at the end of last year and was an expected initiative, and should integrate «Leopard», the next release of Mac OS X that will be released in August.

The first big sign of getting closer to the Windows world was the abandonment of the PowerPC processor line and adherence to the line dual core from Intel, which ended up doubling equipment performance. Now, the brand confirms the possibility and gives its users the possibility to use both operating systems.

Apple guarantees that the availability of the program is only a response to the needs of its customers and explains that it does not intend to more actively promote the use of the software competitor.

«Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows but many customers have expressed their desire to run Windows on hardware of superior Apple quality, «explains company vice president of product marketing Philip Schiller.

Apple’s decision may have an impact on the market in terms of equipment sales, which after Microsoft’s announcement of delays in the launch of Vista, have already been revised downwards by some consultants.

It should be noted that it was already possible to run programs designed for Windows on Apple PCs, but this possibility was supported by programs developed by third parties and not by Apple itself.

Editorial Note [2006-04-06 6:52:00] The news was updated in the first paragraph where it was not very clear how Boot Camp works, as well as the integration of this application in the next release of Mac OS X.

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