Apple opens iPhone application development to third parties

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Starting in February, Apple will allow third parties to develop applications for their iPhone. At this time, the company will provide a development kit that will provide the basic tools to allow the design work of new applications, which enrich the iPod Touch offer.

The announcement was made by Steve Jobs himself on the company’s website and presupposes a change in the policy normally followed by the company, which usually reserves all development work for itself, not having the habit of opening this activity to third parties, especially for security reasons. .

Now the company reveals that it is working on that open development platform that wants to be «powerful and at the same time capable of protecting cell phone users from viruses and other computer threats».

Apple’s announcement, considered by market analysts somewhat surprising, ends up being seen as a way to give the company more control over the development work done around the equipment and that would emerge, even if this position was not taken by the company .

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