Apple opens interface code that supports CloudKit

Last April, we commented that Apple opened the code for FoundationDB, a database company acquired by the Cupertino giant in 2015. Now the company is announcing the opening of its API code that supports the CloudKit from Apple, FoundationDB Record Layer.

More specifically, this API provides a new FoundationDB records layer, something equivalent to a relational database. In addition, such layer introduces a new data management, indexing and query scheme.

This is the first time Ma has publicly confirmed that CloudKit is powered by FoundationDB. According to the company, the FDB Record Layer used in Apple productions "to support applications and services for hundreds of millions of people."

FoundationDB also detailed how CloudKit uses Record Layer. Briefly, this layer operates in a totally independent way, which means that tasks such as instantiating (creating an object of a certain class) a logical database and performing a “take only milliseconds” operation.

For those interested in delving into the subject and creating apps that use the FDB Record Layer, the company has published a Getting Started Guide and a more in-depth article on the details of this API also available on the project's GitHub.

via 9to5Mac