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Apple opens health records API for developers

Apple released, after the end of the WWDC18 keynote, a note announcing that it will open the API for records of the Sade app for researchers and developers. The purpose of this is to provide users with the most accurate management of information about medicines, diets and diseases.

Health Records on iOS 12

The feature will allow patients from more than 500 hospitals and clinics (initially from the United States, as always) to access medical information from various institutions directly from the iPhone as well as on all iOS devices.

the first time users will be able to share health history data for a third party app; so far, in applications such as MyTherapy, the user should enter all information manually.

As we know, Apple cares unparalleled with its users' data and recognizes the importance that health information represents. Health record data is even encrypted on the iPhone and protected by the device password.

Thus, whenever the user allows the sharing of this information with developed apps, the data will be transferred directly from the framework HealthKit for the application in question; absolutely nothing be sent to Apple's servers.

Health Records on iOS 12

Apple describes that apps, once users are allowed to use information, must comply with fundamental categories, including:

  • Medication reminders: a medication management app called Medisafe (image above) to connect to the health data history so users can easily import their list of medication prescriptions from the health record, quickly creating reminders with medication schedules and allowing the user receives relevant information about remedies.
  • Disease management: an app aimed at monitoring diabetes, for example, can access the user's laboratory results from health records. In addition, access to diet and exercise details will be provided through integration with HealthKit, allowing the creation of a complete picture of the user's health.
  • Medical research: Doctors can integrate patient data into their ResearchKit study apps to get a more complete view of their patients' health history. In addition, with user approval, researchers can access this patient-specific information to ensure more comprehensive research on a given condition.

The health records API is now available to developers and users should see the first applications with the new features starting in September.