Apple Online Store Brasil removes 20 ″ iMac and makes Magic Mouse available separately [atualizado]

Along with the launch of Aperture 3 earlier, Apple updated its Online Store Brazil with two other changes that were already effective in the United States.

Line of iMacs without the old model

The new line of iMacs has been available through the Online Store since a few days after they landed in Brazil and that the most basic model obtained a price reduction.

iMacs at the Apple Online Store Brasil

As of today, however, the old 20-inch model disappeared from there, remaining only the most current ones with 21.5 and 27 inches.

Independent Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse was approved by Anatel in late December, but it only arrived in Brazilian lands weeks later, together with the new iMacs.

Still, it could not be purchased separately.

Magic Mouse at the Apple Online Store Brasil

Now, anyone who wants can already purchase the peripheral independently.

Its suggested price, as exclusively anticipated in October, was R $ 230.

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We were informed that a third product also entered the store today, the Apple Wireless Keyboard:

Wireless Keyboard at the Apple Online Store Brasil

The keyboard price is the same as the Magic Mouse: R $ 230.