Apple once again robs Microsoft of most valuable company in the world

Ten days ago Apple again took from Microsoft, for a weekend, the title of most valuable company in the world. Today this has been repeated.

The $ AAPL rose 1.45% today and closed the day quoted at $ 194.02, which led the market cap from Apple to $ 914.9 billion. Meanwhile, $ MSFT has risen slightly by 0.14% and is now worth $ 119.19, which puts Microsoft's market value at $ 914.5 billion.

Closing the Top 4 of the giants, we now have Amazon worth $ 891 billion and Alphabet (owner of Google) worth $ 835.7 billion.

Earlier today, we noted that Apple was overtaken by a Saudi oil company as the world's most profitable company in 2018. Saudi Aramco is not on the stock market, but it is estimated that it is currently worth over $ 1 rail.

Yesterday, Apple scheduled for its April 30 second fiscal quarter financial results release conference on April 30th. Depending on the numbers dealt with there, Apple could again approach the $ 1 rail mark; or no.

Warren Buffett finds Apple TV + “risky”

Asked by CNBC about Apple's recent announcement that it would dive into the streaming Of video, the mogul and big investor of the company, Warren Buffett, said he thinks the business is "risky" but says that Ma would have breathed to "make one mistake or the other", if that were the case.

Warren buffet

“I would love to see them hit (in this busy segment),” said Buffett. “It's not cool to buy shares in a company that has to do everything right. Apple should do some that don't work. ”

The billionaire obviously sees this as one of today's most challenging markets. “We have some pretty big players who are going to fight for those looks,” Buffett commented, stating that he would not be entering this chart at all.