Apple once again leads customer satisfaction survey with its computers

Apple once again leads customer satisfaction survey with its computers

A study recently done by ChangeWave Research once again determined Apple's leadership in the number of customers satisfied with its computer models. The compiled results claim that 81% of Mac users participating in the survey claimed to be "very satisfied" with their computers, while the other companies in the industry that sell PCs registered satisfaction levels between 50 and 67%.

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The new survey served to confirm some impressions obtained from a similar one, carried out last year, related to the level of satisfaction of users with the operating systems of their computers. While 54% of respondents said they were satisfied with Mac OS X Leopard as their primary system, Windows Vista's performance was much lower: from 5 to 12%, depending on the edition of the system used.

With this data, it is possible to conclude that the dissatisfaction of a good part of the users against an operating system or hardware that they are currently using is capable of influencing the poor performance of the PC market. In the last quarter, it regressed for the first time in history, something that motivate an increasing number of people to consider and adopt the Mac. Apple still claims that it is selling about half of its computers in retail stores to people who have never used one before.

However, it is inevitable to say that the total spent by users with computers has decreased a lot. The survey also served to verify that a minimum portion (10%) of people is still interested in changing computers in the next three months, be it desktop or notebook. In the first case, Apple prefers 26% of users interested in this; in the second, the leading level of preference in the market: 30%, thanks to the success of the notebook line introduced in October.